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(104 customer reviews)
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Applicable for May 2023 and Nov 2023.

Please read all the Terms and conditions carefully. Fees once paid shall not be refunded back in any circumstances.

Hard Copy of the books will be sent in case of Google Link & Pen Drive both. PDF OF THE BOOKS SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED.


  • 170 Hours (Approx.)
No. of Questions
  • 800+
Question Coverage All Questions of

  • Study Material,
  • Practice Manual,
  • RTPs,
  • MTPs,
  • 100% Coverage of Past Exam Qs (since year 2000)
Theory Coverage
  • 100% theory (FM Gatha)
  • 2 FM Question Books (B & W)
  • 2 FM Theory Books (Coloured)
  • 2 ECONOMICS Books (Coloured)
Suitable for
  • Students studying first time
  • Students who have studied from any other teacher but did not practice much questions and are weak in concepts
  • Pen Drive
  • Virtual Centres
  • 6 Months (from the date of activation)
  • 2
Demo Lecture Link
Hard Copy of the books will be sent in case of Google Link & Pen Drive both. PDF OF THE BOOKS SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED.


  1. Arghadeep Das

    Sir’s costing lectures are the best . He covers all the concepts , all types of questions with past history and also gives disclaimers like where student can commit mistake and where students have done in the past. And always he is a great motivator.

  2. Munnur

    Rahul sir’s Fm, Eco & Costing is amazing. If u want to score good in Fm, Eco& cost then u must buy Rahul sir’s lecture without any doubt. If you take Rahul Sir’s lecture no need to refer any other book & you can easily score 80+ believe me. The most important u will learn from basic to advance and this subjects will become easy for u guys..


    He is a king in field of cost & fm.Rahul sir is great personality.i am continuously suggesting about him on youtube or otherplateforms.

  4. dhruvmittal89

    He is good in teaching..Almost all question are covered in class.We get 2 books from which one is being solved in class and another we have to do by own as homework which is discussed in next lecture.You can score good after taking classes from him provided You have to work hard.

  5. samyakj523

    The one seeing my review i just want to say that dont think much just buy the lectures and u will enjoy

  6. rohit

    itni mehnat aur itne question toh koi b teacher nhi krwata…. i have taken classes for financial management.. sir ka toh naam rkh dena chahiye- Dr rahul garg (fm cost specialist)…. buy the lectures … kuch sochne ki jarurat hi nhi..u will be 1000 percent satisfied with his teaching…..

  7. Sudeepta Bihari

    Literally the way he teaches is amazing Rahul sir is Op 🔥 . He is the boss in practical subjects. He teaches the concept in Too much depth in a small time.

  8. Ronak Jindal

    Sir your teaching style is unique and best all over India. I will conceive each student asking me for all 4 practical subjects you teach to take classes from u and score good marks .
    Each concept is explained very well and covers every type of question which can be framed. Also the songs u sing to ensure the cls doesnot get boring . Thank u sir for your guidance .🙏🙏🙏🙏😃😃😃🔥🔥

  9. Gaurav Gupta

    One of the most distinguished professor for FM-ECO. His conceptual clarity and examples are just something different.
    Lucky to have such professor in the CA Fraternity.
    GOAT !!!

  10. Ankur

    He is the best teacher out there who clears all the concepts very well and help you visualise and analyse the concepts which makes study easy and interesting.
    Go for his lectures without any doubt and I’m sure that he will make u clear CA with flying colours.

  11. panigrahisantosh780

    Thanks a lot Sir for being my Teacher. Being a Teacher like Rahul Sir is a Blessing for me. You motivated us all time during classes which push me to do more & more Hardwork in my life. Thanks a lot for all your support & Blessings & Tremendous Teaching Methodology. Thanks a lot sir..
    Highly Recommend TRG for FM ECO.
    TRG Rock 💥💥💥

  12. Vishali

    Just completed the fm batch… It was great… I m confident that this time I m going to clear my second grp
    Thankyou sir❤️
    Ur way of teaching …. Teaching concept wise nd then homework…it’s great… Made me consistent❣️
    Aur marks pkka btaugi sir
    Phle apko hi btaugi

  13. Subodh Gupta

    Rahul sir’s Fm, Eco & Advance accounts is amazing. If u want to score good marks then u must buy Rahul sir’s lecture without any doubt. If you take Rahul Sir’s lecture no need to refer any other book & you can easily score 80+ believe me. The most important u will learn from basic to advance and this subjects will become easy for u guys

  14. Harshit Garg

    Sir teaching style is best in the whole industry. The way of breaking whole chapters in concept really help you to understand and most importantly fuller utilisation of time as ca students the most important thing according to me is time management and I must say sir didn’t waste not a single second

  15. Kunal Hardwani

    Wonderful Amazing Fantastic
    These 3 words describe my experience with Rahul Garg sir
    I scored 76 In fm-eco (AIR 3) only because of This Man
    He is truly a fighter

  16. Pd08536

    Hlo Sir , I am Deepak Pal from Delhi. I purchase your Fm Eco Regular Course for Nov 22 . And today I completed my lectures it was a great journey with you and really like ❤️
    Your content and the way to expressing a complicated topic in simple form . Even I take lectures in virtual mode but I personally connect with you through lectures ❤️😍😍😍
    Jai Mata Di 🙏 🙌 👏

  17. Vinayak

    I am his cost and fm eco regular student and I must say that , without having multiple thoughts Go for him guys he is amazing in his field and the conceptual clarity he gave in classes is just amazing , he teaches in very organised way , his teaching style is very unique which I loved alot , hope you also love it.

  18. Srirup Mitra

    Sirji’s FM ECO lectures are amazing. Talking about FM, he carefully taught all the concepts, solved Class Puzzle, and provided homework from Home Puzzle on a daily basis. None taught me practical subjects like FM in a careful, slow but steady manner.
    The homework checking mechanism was amazing as it ensured my discipline, integrity and confidence towards the subject.
    Talking about ECO, he made all the concepts lucid to me. I was not interested to study ECO earlier in my school life or college life but from TRG sir’s each and every lecture of ECO, and books I got a tremendous confidence towards studying the subject. Even I got interested to study ECO.
    Plus, the songs by sir, general talks in between the lecture was all soothing and motivating as well. Thank you for providing such kind of service. Its worth the money to take lectures from TRG sir.

  19. samarpan.jain054

    his student of FM ECO aand to truly describe his efforts there is just one word IMPECCABLE. never thought that this will be one of the subjects i will fall in love during my studies and i am so inclined towards FM that it is one of my favourite field to explore more. In my honest opinion i would say classes were completely exam oriented NO TIMEPASS at all that what i actually liked because sir took care of the value of time which is higly appreciable. LOVE YOU SIR PROUD TO BE STUDENT OF TRG( THE RAHUL GARG)

  20. Aditya Gilda

    I,am his FM ECO student, I can tell you with 100% assurance that no one can teach this subject better than him.

  21. Karan Arora

    Hii sir ,
    This is karan arora from muzaffarnagar, uttar pradesh
    Guys Rahul sir’s teaching is all time best , no words to say .
    This review is about delhi revision session, it was amazing session ever .
    Guys , don’t miss this opportunity 👍.

  22. Rajat Chaudhary

    FM-ECO ka revision leke Delhi m maza kasutta aagya bhai lath gaad diye master ne katayi ar ib mahari baari hai
    Maka m nu keh du jhanda RSA army ka hi rehwga aan wale tym m chahe koi kitna hi jor lga liyo bhai …

    रौला चौधर का अर चौधर है जाट्टा की 🚩

  23. Shobhit

    Rahul Sir is a really Inspiring teacher

  24. Pari Sonpal

    I have taken costing ka fast track of rahul sir ( after my 7 attempts of failure…) And guess what i cleared in 8th attempt just by watching Fast track lecture…he is gem ..
    Undoubtedly all must go with TRG in all of his subjects..
    Advance account
    Fm Eco

    Benefits of TRG’s classes
    1.His teachings skills is amazing.
    2.He divide the whole chapter in small small concepts ..
    3.His also write whole answers in class ( and let me tell you all other teachers are not doing this in their classes)
    4.He is also focusing in presentation of all practical subjects.
    5. He also gives Home work every day so that you can get the rhythm of chps
    6. He checks the home work ques next day in classes that if u did anything wrong you can do correction..
    7.He also covers module ,PPQ , RTP and MTP questions in the class so that students won’t need to do other stuff just do TRG’s book that is more than enough for exam.
    8. He stays with students till last of exam… He will provide Marathon lecture on YouTube, he will provide IMP ques on his telegram channel
    9. He will everything for students which is beneficial for students..

    He is gem…

    Thank you TRG sir…for teaching us in so systematic way ..

    You are God of Costing FM Account and Advance account..

  25. Ajay Drall

    Sir’s energy and knowledge is next level and sir does a lot of hardwork for their students 😊😊

  26. Swapnil Gawade

    Excellent Teaching.
    Needed someone just like Rahul Sir, in this kind of profession to guide.
    Thank u sir🙏.

  27. Harsh Gupta

    The way of Rahul sir teaching is totally amazing and understanding with the conceptual clarity, i take FM ECO from RSA and recently complete all the classes which are completely worth it for me now before exam because of confidence, practice and revision in classes is too much done by sir so that there is no any difficulty i face in this subject.
    Best points is Practice, HW, Number of ques practices, Standardization followed in class, different concepts for different type of ques, everything is coverd..

  28. Mamta Kumari

    Sir’s FM ECO lectures are amazing. He doesn’t skip any concept either it is less important or not relevant to exam ( if it is given in syllabus, he will definitely teach that topic). He covers all the concepts and questions as well.
    He is the best teacher as he puts so much efforts to teach his students in easiest way.
    The classes are not boring. It didn’t make me feel sleepy while taking lectures 😅😂.

    IF YOU ARE SEEING MY REVIEW , then I just want to say that don’t think too much.

    IT’S WORTH BUYNG HIS LECTURES as you will enjoy and learn a lot in his classes.


  29. Sunita Rani

    Excellent teacher

  30. Eshika

    FM Eco lectures were amazing. Thankyou so much for putting in so much efforts in teaching.

  31. Pranavi Nagpure

    If you want to score 80+ in FM and Economics RSA is a place for you with the Best Experience Faculty and Sir teaches the whole syllabus with concepts based technique if you just watch the lecture daily and practice sums with sir you will pass easily
    Highly recommended one must learn from him

  32. kunal Bhattar

    Best way to study and excellent teaching sir..

  33. kunal Bhattar

    Very good way of teaching and made the subject so easy to learn…great teaching sir

  34. Vaishnavi Joshi

    My experience was great. Sir cleared all my concepts. He solves each and every question which is very helpful.
    He teaches very conceptually and his notes are also very useful.

  35. Riya

    Rahul sir is the best faculty for fm and eco. He provide notes of every topic in a detailed manner because of which the revision gets easier. He is an amazing person as well and a great mentor too.

  36. Akash Bansal

    Taking Classes for Practical Subjects for Rahul sir was my best decision
    Sir’s teaching technique is unique and best from all other teachers
    Sir breaks big chapters into small concepts by which it becomes easy to understand
    Literally enjoyed all classes of fm eco advanced accounts and costing (regret of not taking accounts classes from sir)
    Doing homework daily and get it checked in next lecture was best thing
    Lectures was very energetic and sir singing makes it more energetic 😅
    And after classes finished marathon lectures are just next level
    Thank you so much for all TRG❤❤

  37. Harsh Bansal

    I enjoyed the class and sir provide the best knowledge and have a great energy from 1st lecture to end of session i love the way he taught us thanku sir

  38. Aastha

    The experience was great…the way he teaches concept wise for all practical subjects is just amazing….i am so happy that i took fm eco class from TRG sir. We solve so many questions in the class and then homework that you have no choice but to be confident about the subject…also the only faculty that checks every question of the homework everyday before starting the class ….hats off to the efforts he put in his notes in economics. Really grateful for what he is doing for the students

  39. Gunjan Pardeshi

    Rahul sir is the best faculty for fm eco and costing… especially for concept clearance and practice 👍,his teaching style is unique and he gives importance to every minor concept which other teachers generally tend to leave.

  40. Abhishek Bansal

    Sir you are a great teacher, lecturer, and a Professor to me, and I fully enjoyed your lectures, you explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand.
    Thanks Sir ❤

  41. Aamir bhat

    One of the best faculty 💓

  42. Samarth Mule

    Rahul Sir (TRG),One of the best faculty for all practical subjects,I had taken FM-Eco of RSA & After attending all lectures that I have realized my mistake of not taking other subjects from rahul sir.Thanks Sir For FM -Eco.

  43. Anish K Verma

    I took classes from Rahul sir for fm eco.
    The way he taught the whole subject is exceptional. Specially the concept of giving and checking homework on everyday basis is the best thing. He is the best faculty in CA fraternity for practical subjects.

  44. Anshul Agrawal

    All Questions In Exam Are covered In Rahul sir’s Class Puzzle son u dont need to do anything else expect class puzzle and RPT of Attempt.
    MY experience Was Amazing, I loved the way Rahul sir’s Teaches And He Is the Best

  45. Md Tabish subhani

    The experience was great…the way he teaches concept wise for all practical subjects is just amazing….i am so happy that i took fm eco class from TRG sir. We solve so many questions in the class and then homework that you have no choice but to be confident about the subject…also the only faculty that checks every question of the homework everyday before starting the class ….hats off to the efforts he put in his notes in economics. Really grateful for what he is doing for the students

  46. Laxita Sachin chopada

    The teaching is superb

  47. Mohit Sharma

    Great teaching sir!!!… Itne sums karaye h ki sb practice class me hi hogyi… Revision ki tension kam ho gyi hai.!!!

  48. Krish Maheshwari

    Unique way of teaching , loved #trg❤️

  49. Ishika Vijay

    Best faculty for CA

  50. Hardik

    Hello Sir!!
    I Took FM & ECO Regular Classes and the Experience of taking classes from you is just Amazing! Can’t Describe in Words.

    The way of Teaching is just Awesome in Concept Wise 🔥

    Thank you For FM-ECO Sir

  51. Isha agarwal

    My decision of taking CA inter FM -ECO lectures from rahul garg sir was one of the wisest decision… His way of teaching is just amazing and focused
    I am really thankful and grateful to RSA for their support and help

  52. Ansh babu

    Best faculty for practical subjects 🔥

  53. Aditya Omprakash Kabra

    Teaching of Rahul sir is probably the best ever teaching you ever see for all practical subjects….

    He is determination even his hard work during the teaching and solving the problem makes and motivate you to do more to give your best during the study time…

    Photos were in real need of professional and student friendly faculty for practical subjects , RSA is your destination..

  54. Abubakkar

    I went So many Flat form to purchase CA Inter class before purchase from RSA. Then I Get one reference From My Friend about RSA Flat form. then i watched TRG demo class in youtube ( 20 mints). Really i am saying What I was Expected From My Maind i get more then that in this 20 Mints. immediately i go through the RSA flat form and Bought the Class. you are the King TRG. No one can get This Teaching feel from any other lectures. one more thing i am from South(Mangalore,karnataka) first of all i am not perfect in hindi language but in your Class nothing is impossible sir. i loved your teaching and also my TRG…. Thank You. now I was referring to friends and Family About TRG……..

  55. Mahima

    This is the first practical subject I enjoyed with so much clarity and covering all the hw bcs of unsolved books ,sir is perfectly amazing and his teaching is so good .
    I have no regret of my decision of choosing him as my mentor .

  56. Yash Rijwani

    Rahul sir ke liye 5 stars bhi kam hai, inke daily homework checking aur sab kuch likh kar karane se smjh aata hai ki sir kitne hardworking hai, inko paid promotion ki zarurat nahi inka kaam se naam chalta hai, thankyou sir you’re the best ❤️

  57. Riya Jindal

    I have enrolled for FM-ECO and very satisfied with my choice 😊Sir your teaching style is fantastic and the way he explain is wonderful. Detailed explanation of concept and discussion of homework in next lecture really helping a lot.
    Thankyou and I even suggest without any thinking u can go for TRG classes💯🤩

  58. Sarthak Shinde

    Student of Rahul garg for may23
    His notes concept clarity and hand written colourful notes are awesome no nonsense in the class 100% content no boredom easy to revise
    TRG op❤️

  59. Arnav Sachdeva

    The teaching style and methodology is great. Concepts are taught from exam point of view, presentation tips are given,Each point is discussed in detail and variety of questions are practised.

  60. Aarati Soni

    The best, the best, the besttt!!! Rahul garg sir, he has this really positive and Fun aura. The efforts that he puts in teaching, i can bet noone else can!

  61. Vanshika goyal

    It’s been a week studying with you sir and have to say the method of teaching is great enough even for any silly student to understand it . The after service which is the neglecting thing in many of the coaching but not in yours .
    I’m grateful for choosing you as my mentor . I’ll recommend you to my all friends . Thank you for teaching like that and making our career ☺️

  62. jatin nebhani

    I have purchased fm eco from rahul sir.And i have to say he is called TRG for a reason.This is my first time studying online classes before this I studied via face to face.And I love the experience of classes.I never felt bored or annoyed during the class.If you are looking for classes for practical subjects specially fm eco surely go with RSA.

  63. Sunnykumar

    Sir apke lectures bhot conceptual plus mjedar hai . Ye izzat or naam kuch logo ko milta hai yakinan aapki unhi logo me se ak hai..
    Hum pendrive ke students kabhi apse face to face milta chahte hai.
    Sir agar aap kabhi delhi me ak event rakh skte hai hum milne ke lia
    Agar ha toh i am very excited to meet with you.

  64. nishchay1603

    The best teacher I have ever met in my entire CA journey
    Sir also do hard work with us which makes him different from others
    Sir have all kind of practical knowledge in all his 4 subjects
    ThankYou TRG sir from being a part of my Ca journey

  65. Sambhav Bangari

    Amazing teaching style. Complete concept clarity.

  66. Shivanshu Tiwari

    Great conceptual clarity and at a decent pace. The methodology is which makes it even more simpler . Highly recommended .


    Best value for ca students, multiple questions with respective revision via home puzzle and crystallization of concept into mind, one stop destination for everyone who look not only for passing marks but great marks and utmost value addition👍

  68. Anusha Gupta

    Amazing conceptual clarity and hardly any room for doubts. I really appreciate the manner of making the notes and the effort Rahul Sir takes to divide everything into smaller concepts so it’s easier to grasp. And also he doesn’t neglect the theoretical aspect of practical subjects which also provides a bettet understanding. Thank you so much sir! Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!

  69. Anusha Gupta

    Amazing conceptual clarity and hardly any room for doubts. I really appreciate the manner of making the notes and the effort Rahul Sir takes to divide everything into smaller concepts so it’s easier to grasp. And also he doesn’t neglect the theoretical aspect of practical subjects which also provides a bettet understanding. Thank you so much sir!

  70. kevalribadiya7280

    I am Very Grateful To You Sir.
    I have Bought Costing & Adv. Account from Rahul sir & I am fall in love with the way Of your teaching Style.
    & Now a days ago I bought a FM Eco subject from Rahul sir, I am Very lucky that I have A Teacher Like you In My Life Sir.
    It’s A very Easy To understand each and every concept.

    Just Buy This Subject Guys don’t Think so Much.
    I am definitely Sure That You will never Regret.

    BTW Love You sir❤️

  71. Vinayak

    Best faculty in CA fraternity i am grateful that i came to know about sir
    I use to have a phobia of maths but instead after my costing classes in group 1 my phob just disappeared because he went to that level of teaching were other faculty think that students know as it is basic concept but sir covers that too for eg i remember once he went down stream and thought about BODMAS
    Thank you sir Kudos to FM group 2 ❤️

  72. Lakhbir singh

    I didn’t really expected that fm will become my favourite subject, but after 7-8 classes , it was very much clear it is my favourite subject , homework part is my favourite the most, and obviously rahul sir is best teacher for fm in india surely. You’re the best👍🏻

  73. Dhruv Sood

    Good classes

  74. ruchitakamble92865

    One of the most distinguished professor for FM. His conceptual clarity and examples are just something different.
    Lucky to have such professor in the CA

  75. Akshat

    Good teaching

  76. Ayushi Dwivedi

    Best teacher for FM ECO, I just loved your all lectures… Mehnat krni ap se sikhi h sir, mene apke marathon se apko Jana or accounts and cost ke marathon was amazing. Fir mene Adv acc bhi apse hi Li and yess I already completed my whole lectures. Now m starting with FM eco, I am so excited to start my fm lecture. Thank you so much sir for your hard work. You are best Rahul Garg Sir💖💝

  77. aditijain1026

    Sir’s lectures are best! His way of teaching is very unique. His way of teaching makes even difficult topics easy. I would definitely recommend his lectures to everyone.

  78. Ankit Kumar

    One of the best teacher … If you are reading my review don’t waste your time just take the classes . You will not regret.

  79. Deepak

    First of all thanku very much sir for providing the best to best lectures for fm eco.
    Aapke sath pdke hi pta lga ki serious study with so standardise method se kse hoti hain. Team rsa se judd k itni jada khushi hui ki sir words main nhi bta skte.
    Har time motivate kse rhe, jada se jada kse pdhe, revsion regularly, extra questions paratice aur kitna kuch btae sir jo aapne provide ki woh bhi itni km fees rkhte hue.
    Bs last not least “tuc great ho sir”

  80. Ankit Singh Verma

    Very unique concept of Home Puzzle and Class Puzzle by Rahul sir.
    Lot of writing practise done in the class.


    Rahul Sir Is the Best Faculty in All four Subjects that he offers. His teaching style is amazing, the way he taught clears all the concepts and the home puzzle concept helps me a lot Because in practical subjects it is very important to solve questions and it helps me a lot in the same, Glad to got a teacher like him. Rahul sir U are the best Love u sir .

    Agar Rahul Sir Hai Toh mumkim Hai

  82. Satvik Goel

    The concept of home puzzle and class puzzle is unique. Sir cover every concept in class and every que is done in writing. The main focus is conceptual clarity with how to present answer in exam . He is best teacher for the subject.

  83. sreekumargurram

    Sir’s lectures are very helpful to any grade student, the classes provide complete conceptual understanding. No student gets the feel of online it seems like an offline class
    Really glad to be a student of TRG

  84. Harshit Garg

    Sir i have taken regular classes from you and thank god I have made a right decision of taking your classes as I have firstly took costing & then fm-eco and really you teached both subject very clearly and they became very easy for me
    And the results is that i scored exemption in both of them in my first attempt
    And the way you made 2 seperate books home puzzle and class puzzle help me a lot
    At last I want to thank you if you are not there maybe I am not able even to pass out

  85. Aditi Rangarajan

    I’m Aditi from Pune. I got the classes for Nov 2022 and scored 61 in FM Eco. Would not have been possible without sir.
    His style of teaching changed my whole approach towards practical subjects. Explanation is crystal clear, there was hardly any scope for doubts from my side. He gives a lot of practice during and after class as homework. The best part is he seamlessly covers all module, MTP, RTP, and past papers questions with this classwork and homework.
    FM is vast, and studying with sir meant having systematic written notes, and tons of practice, and a record of all questions solved by me, which gave me a lot of confidence. I was surprised at how well I was able to recall because of this!
    The classes gave the right direction to my efforts because studying became very systematic. The efforts put in by RSA are remarkable, you will feel like you have the support of sir every step of the way, he makes sure he takes revision sessions on YouTube and things like that too.
    I would recommend it to anyone, and let you know that as long as you are willing to put in this effort and discipline, and make enough time for revision(eg,do the homework, maybe later redo some class sums for confidence, basically some self prep too which i feel i could have done more) as subject matter can be vast; and it’ll be absolutely rewarding.
    Very grateful to sir and team!

  86. Devashish Menghani

    Sir’s teaching style is best the way he teaches practical subject no one can. He covers full syllabus.

  87. Devashish Menghani

    Sir’s teaching style is best. The way he teaches practical subject no one can. He covers full syllabus.

  88. khushboojindal2002

    Rahul sir is a blessing and inspiration for CA students .
    Because of him only i scored 80+ in costing and fm eco.
    Thankyou so much sir.
    Definitely recommend

  89. Krishna Bansal

    Rahul sir is great teacher for FM ECO. He have brilliant teaching style.

  90. nabahasan002

    Hello sir
    Getting you as a mentor is great blessing. Your command on such h technical subject is marvellous.
    Your questions and home puzzle helped me a lot and indeed got exemption.all thanks to you sir.☺️

  91. Harshitwal21

    Best teacher for FM ECO. I will recommend you for getting exemption easily. By followings your steps and guidance any one can easily get an exemption.

  92. gur26deep

    TRG….the best faculty for any PRACTICAL subject.. be it Costing, FM, Acc, Adv acc his lectures are perfect. I took Costing from him scored 75 marks…then I took FM eco and scored 79 Marks. His way of teaching concept wise chapters is so good specially during revisions. And the home puzzle is the real magic in his course…it makes us so much practise and gives next level confidence. Nov 22 attempt fm paper was considered tricky bcz of certain adjustment in every qustn..but being Rahul sir’s student we had covered all the adjustment and the result is 79 Marks.
    So any person in dilemma…I would strongly recommend just go for his lectures without a second thought….you will never regret !!!

  93. Jaskaran singh

    I took 3 subjects from rahul sir and i got exemption in all the three subjects. He is really the best in business if you are talking about practical subjects. He is literally the GOD of practical subjects. The way sir teaches, it seems that sir was born only to teach. Guys. Just go for it. It will be one of the best decision of your life.

  94. Komal Gupta

    The Rahul Garg (TRG) a deserving title. Firstly, I took FM ECO from some other teacher and my concepts were so weak. After that I took from Rahul sir, and then not only I got concept clarity but also a mentor in him. Can’t thank him enough!!!

  95. Nikhil Sharma

    Hi, I am Nikhil Sharma, I took my fm-eco classes from rahul garg sir, who is my 2nd teacher of fm-eco, First I took my class from Swapnil patni but his teaching pattern doesn’t include any h.w and his notes also did not sufficient. I don’t understand even the half syllabus of fm. then I took the regular one from rahul garg sir, then I realized the hard work sir did for us. His notes are sufficient to study fm even without watching his classes. He gives at least 25+ questions for practice in h.w and solves these questions with you in the next lecture. Sir is also such a great motivation in itself for me, his life has a lot of inspiring lessons.
    I never thought that getting an Exemption is such an easy game with Rahul Garg, sir.
    Thanks -Nikhil Sharma

  96. Kunal Pawar

    Sir’s teaching is best , it helps me to score 65 in FM Eco. Sir teaching is best, because of there teaching my concepts got cleared. I will recommend sir’s classes for all 4 subject. Though I taken only one subject but I think there other subject also be like that so I recommend them. Thank your sir for your teaching and help.

  97. Harsh Jindal

    Bought FM-Eco regular classes from RSA and scored exemption in it. The way of teaching of Rahul Sir is completely different from others. Every concept is still in my mind and I did my exam half an hour early. TRG Rocks.

  98. Rishav

    Best faculty go for it

  99. Harsimran kaur

    I took fm eco from Rahul sir
    I just want to say that all the praise he gets from students is not enough
    U will understand once u buy sir class nd u hv to do as per sir guidance nd no one stops u from achieving ur desired marks whether it be 70 80 90
    I got 66 in fm eco

    U must buy sir class
    I want to say Thankyou sir
    U are really very hardworking
    Salute to u nd ur work sir ❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  100. Lokesh Goyal

    Best faculty for FM eco and costing……sir’s teaching method of giving daily homework is great …..the importance of this method is understood in the last exam days when you are able to recall all the concepts veryy easily

  101. Tanmay parakh

    If you want to be best learn from the best and rahul sir is best if you are looking for fm and eco classes just take it without a second thought
    The Rahul Garg sir best in the field
    Thankyou sir because of you i have got exemption in this subject thanks sir ❤️

  102. akshatagr7902

    One of the best FM Eco classes anyone can buy. Totally worth the price and the time we invested

  103. ankitsethione

    Literally the best when it comes to practical subjects never even had to worry about fm eco paper just because of sir’s method of teaching methods and honesty while teaching just had to do one thing that is understand and follow what sir said to do which really helped me a lot thanks for amazing lectures sir

  104. rawash546

    Rahul sir has an incredible gift for teaching. His teaching methods are great, very clear and concise. He is patient and supportive and knows how to motivate his students. I would highly recommend the Intermediate students to take his classes for conceptual clarity.

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2. While purchasing the lectures, Select ‘Google Drive’ option and place the order.

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