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Applicable for Nov 2023.

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Hard Copy of the books will be sent in case of Google Link & Pen Drive both. PDF OF THE BOOKS SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED.
  • 70 Hours (Approx.)
No. of Questions
  • 320+
Question Coverage Important Questions of

  • Study Material,
  • Practice Manual,
  • RTPs,
  • MTPs,
  • Past Exam Qs (since year 2000)
Theory Coverage
  • Important theory in Question Answer Form
  • 1 Question Book 
  • 1 Solution Book
  • 1 Theory Book
Suitable for
  • Students who have studied once (from any teacher) and want to revise conceptually
  • Repeaters (who could not clear the attempt)
  • Pen Drive
  • Virtual Centres
  • 3 Months (from the date of activation)
  • 1.7
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27 reviews for Costing (FAST TRACK) (CA INTER)

  1. Harsh Mantri

    Hello sir
    I scored 59 in costing and I’m your fastrack student and cleared both groups
    This was my second attempt and couldn’t clear any group earlier but this time set off of group 1 helped a lot Thanks a lot sir for your classes and marathons especially
    Your last minute important questions were the game changer and helped me score 60 in advanced accounts also despite not being your student in that subject

  2. Harsh

    Hlo sir
    Mne aapka cost ka fast track liya tha aaj wo complete ho gya really bohot acha lga aapse padh k phle cost ko leke mind m jo fear tha ab wo nhi h baki sir jo aapne last lecture m motivation diya wo bohot acha lga thank you for all your tips and guidance
    Love you sir ❤❤

  3. Anmol jain

    Good evening sir
    I’m your costing fast track student.
    I purchased your lectures for may 2022 exam and i score 60 marks.Thank you sir for your guidance❤️. This was my 4th attempt and i was not able to clear costing but because of your teaching style i got 60 marks. Thank you ❤️

  4. avgobade

    Hello sir
    This was my second attempt and due to cost FastTrack I scored 60. Due to strong concepts and practice questions I was able to score. Thank you sir for the guidance. Reading reviews of class and gift distributed to scorers motivated me to study. Class lenge toh mere gift pakka yeh soch kar padhai ki. Agli baar advance accounts aur FM-ECO aapsehi sikhungi.And will Try to score more than 60. Thank you so much sir 🙏 ☺️

  5. yadavbhavna37

    Hello Sir, I am your Costing fast track student.
    I purchased your lectures for May 2022 exam and I cleared my first group with an exemption in Costing. I got 63 marks in Costing. I failed multiple attempts because I couldn’t even get passing marks in Costing, but you made it happen sir. Your efforts and your guidance made me do it. I am forever grateful to you. Thankyou so much for always being there.
    P.s. I have already started with your group 2 lectures of Advanced accounts and Fm eco.

  6. M N S Swaroop

    This fast track helped me a lot best teaching , great conceptual clarity

  7. Parth solanki


    I purchased your account and costing fast track batch ….I’m here to tell you that i completed both of the batch in just 1 month ….now I’m feeling that i can clear the exams very easily….your way of teaching is just amazing ….all concepts are clear….even if it is a fast track batch you explain the concepts just like regular batch ….and sufficient number of questions are there to solve ….that’s the amazing thing ….





  8. krishna.bej.56

    Maine exam ke 1.5 month phle fastract liya tha cost ka or accounts ka or mera examption aaya cost me and 58 aaya accounts me. Thank you so much sir .

  9. jasmeerkumar

    I have purchased this Cost Fast Track lecture of TRG, he is an amazing teacher not because he teaches outstanding but helps us in retaining the concepts by doing practice. His fast track lecture is far better than many regular courses available in the market. You can complete your syllabus in minimum possible time with maximum important concepts coverage. Conceptual clarity and his way of breaking chapter into small concepts is the master stroke of his teaching. Thank you sir for your wonderful lectures.

  10. Priyanka Sanchala

    Namaste sirji …🙏🏻
    Me apni scl k teachers ki teaching ko bda miss krti thi kyoki unke jesa aaj tak koi nahi padhaya , pr aapka costing fast track batch lekar aaj costing mera weak mese favourite subject bn gya hy . sirji aapki teaching style best hy concept wise aapne full syllabus krvaya . Thank you so much sirji for providing quality teaching 😇 TRG🥳

    Love from Rajkot , Gujarat 💙



  12. Chandan kumar mahto

    Hello sir
    Maine account ka fast-track batch purchase Kiya tha bahut achhe se concept ab clear ho gaya hai maine ek bar self study Kiya tha fir aapse class purchase Kiya Jo kuchh concept chhut gaya tha class karne ke bad
    Ab sare concept clear ho gaya hai
    Thank you so much.


    Classes completed so far have been great. Hoping to clear the upcoming attempt with the help of these classes. The way of teaching with additional questions as homework has helped a lot with conceptual clarity.

  14. Yati songara

    Thanks to Rahul Garg sir because of him i scored exemption in cost and account I took Fastrack course of account and costing he clears all concepts of the subject I am so glad that I took his lectures otherwise in this attemp i couldn’t clear the exams I was hospitalized from the first day of exam but conceptual learning helps me alot to score exemption in both subjects without any last day revision.

  15. Veides Kasera

    Without a doubt it was the best decision to take your fast track classes sir, as recommended by my friend and senior. Despite studying for less than 2 months with your fast track classes, all concepts were covered and even with zero opening knowledge of costing I ended up with 81 marks!

    Many many heartfelt thanks to TRG❤️🙏🏻

  16. Sarthak Gite

    I had the pleasure of being taught by Rahul sir for accounting and costing. He is an exceptional teacher who has a deep understanding of the subject matter and is able to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. His teaching methods are highly effective and I was able to achieve an exemption in both subjects due to his guidance. He is also very approachable and always willing to help if I had any questions or concerns. Overall, I would highly recommend Rahul sir as a teacher for anyone looking to excel in accounting and costing.

  17. Piyush Nerkar

    TRG sir coasting lectures fastrack was really awesome …

  18. Kavita Maheshwari

    Hello Sir, I took Costing fast track course and I got exemption in Costing. I can never imgaine to score exemption in Costing ,But your concept clarity in each chapter give me a confidence to solve any type of sum in exam. Without your proper guidance I cannot score 69 marks in Costing. So all credit goes to you Sir.Thank You So Much Sir.Your Lectures are awesome Sir.You are the best Sir.

  19. Kavita Maheshwari

    Hello Sir, I took Costing fast track course and I got exemption in Costing. I cannot never imagine to score exemption in Costing, But your concept clarity in each chapter give me a confidence to solve any type of sum in exam.Without your proper guidence I cannot score 69 marks in Costing, So all credit goes to you Sir. Thank You So Much Sir. Your lectures are awesome Sir. You are the Best Sir

  20. Pooja Mishrwan

    Hello sir, i took your costing fast track classes and got exemption in cost accounting. You made every concept so easy for me. It won’t be possible without you sir. Your classes are the best. Thank you so much sir.

  21. Vibhor Gupta

    Hello sir
    I took your cost fast track for Nov 2022 attempt and have also completed FM ECO classes for May 2023 attempt
    Your style of teaching is very unique and distinctive from anything available there from other CA faculties, really appreciate it 👏👏

    I passed my Foundation in July 2021 with 287 marks, gave my Inter group 1 in May 2022 but failed
    Scored 47 in cost, passed in all subjects but couldn’t meet the aggregate criteria.

    Passed this time.
    Scored 69 in cost 🤩 all becs of your hardwork and exceptional way to deliver classes. 😍

    Really really want to thank you for those lovely lessons, will try my best to score exemptions in every subject in my may 23 group 2 exams. 💪🏻💯

  22. parag

    My gratitude to you for all you have done, which I will never forget. I truly appreciate you and your time you spent helping me in many occasions. Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed every minute of your lecture as well as your marvelous sense of humor.


    I am Labiba Khan
    Thanks a lot sir. I completed my course yesterday. You made the subject (costing) so easy that it can’t be expressed in words. Maths has always been my strength in 10th, 12th even in foundation.
    But when I entered intermediate I never got a tutor who could teach in the right way. One thing is sorted, no matter how much hardwork or smart work you do there shall be a proper guidance that leads you to a proper path of enlightenment. I couldn’t clear my exam in the last attempt. But now there’s a hope of positivity that yes I can do it….
    Thank you sir.
    Looking forward to learning both the subjects of G2 with you.
    TRG dil se💖

  24. Nikhil

    Sir mene aapka fast track batch liya tha pr jub mene liya tha tub bhut saare doughts the ki mere concept clear hoge ya nhi or saare topic cover hoge ya nhi pr ab aapse padke saare concept 100 percent clear hogye or full confidence bhi he .

  25. Akanksha

    Conceptual understanding of each topic ,even though it is fast-track sir taught in depth of each topic

  26. Rahul

    Best teacher and best teaching style


    Dear sir
    I am very much glad to study from you. This is my third attempt I always flunked because of costing only. Before this attempt I had taken coachings from well known coaching centres but I always used to afraid of costing that how will i end up this I always used to worry when I start costing subject but after my friends advice to get fast track lectures from you was may best decision and i am very happy and satisfied as all my concepts are cleared and very much confident in costing thank yous so much sir. I recommend to all students who are in this loop of attempts and even students who are giving first attempt go with the sirs fastrack and regular classes blindly I assure you will not regret as I had taken fast track then if fast track is so much interesting and worth then regular classes will be 🔥
    Thanks a lot sir want to meet you once and want to take your blessings you inspires me a lot. Proud to be a part of RSA🥰

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