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Applicable for Nov 2023.

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Hard Copy of the books will be sent in case of Google Link & Pen Drive both. PDF OF THE BOOKS SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED.


  • 190 Hours (Approx.)
No. of Questions
  • 500+
Question Coverage All Questions of

  • Study Material,
  • Practice Manual,
  • RTPs,
  • MTPs,
  • 100% Coverage of Past Exam Qs (since year 2000)
Theory Coverage
  • 100% theory 
  • Class Puzzle
  • Home Puzzle
  • Accounting Standard Gatha
  • Revision Book
Suitable for
  • Students studying first time
  • Students who have studied from any other teacher but did not practice much questions and are weak in concepts
  • Pen Drive
  • Virtual Centres
  • 6 Months (from the date of activation)
  • 2
Demo Lecture Link
Hard Copy of the books will be sent in case of Google Link & Pen Drive both. PDF OF THE BOOKS SHALL NOT BE PROVIDED.


  1. Ankita Kumari

    I used to think why are u called “TRG” but all my questions were answered after 2 lectures.. XD You are literallyyyy the bestestestest teacher aka mentor aka guide aka motivator.. the real life stories you use to recite in between the lectures.. right before one loses confidence in themselves, you come as a superhero to rescue them with ur motivational stories.. ADVANCE ACCOUNTS wouldn’t have been so easier without your lectures. its commendable the amount of efforts you put in teaching us and making sure.

  2. Ojaswi Singhal

    Aaj sir aapke advance accounts ke lectures bhi ho gye (the 4th subject from you). Aankhe bhar aayi sir aaj toh aapse bohot attach feel kr rha hu sir 😢 I’m both happy and sad at the same moment (classes khtam hone ki khushi or aise lagrha hai aapse dur ho rhe hai)
    Bohot acha padhaya sir aapne and you are really the great. The title TRG very well suits you. Sir
    aapse jarur milna hai kabhi to sir😭. You have really become my role model sir.
    Love You Sirji💖
    I can’t tell you how happy and lucky I’m to get a mentor like you🙏❤️
    From : Ojaswi Singhal

  3. Prarena Lekhwani

    because of you sir, i cleared my ca inter and got exemption in adv accounts, thank you so much sir!
    You are the Bestest teacher i have ever seen in my life ❤️


    Matlab dil se kuch bolna chahta hun
    From a student who had a fear in this subject
    To a student now it’s his favorite subject
    U played very crucial role…..Just like a father cares for his son in each and every part of life
    U did the same…..Whenever my mind felt difficulty in some part of this subject u held my hand to cross that barrier….. Wish to meet u once……
    Would never give a second thought if someone ask WHO IS THE BEST FACULTY FOR ADVANCED ACCOUNTS…..
    Proud to be member of RSA ARMY
    Love from Odisha

  5. Juli

    Hello sir
    I m juli from Gujarat
    I purchased adv account regular lecture from you
    Before taking your lectures i was very bad in account nd even I could not secured more than 45 marks but after watching your lectures i m very confident in account now I can say that account is interesting nd scoring also…
    All because only of you😍
    I m very glad to have you as a teacher in my life😇you are best teacher in my life
    I wish every ca student will have u they will defiantly secured exemption 😎
    Aapka lec dekhke hamesha esa feel hua ki jese aap live padha rhe ho💕
    Lots of love from Gujarat ❤

  6. Karan Arora

    Hii sir ,
    This is karan arora from muzaffarnagar, uttar pradesh.
    Guys , u should take all the 4 subjects from the rahul sir , as I had taken 3 subjects bcoz he is very very hardworking teacher i have ever seen
    He is so energetic and wonderful teacher.
    Plz be think of rahul sir before taking classes , otherwise u will definitely regret 😃.

  7. Karan Arora

    Hii sir ,
    This is Karan Arora from muzaffarnagar, uttar pradesh.
    Guys , u should take all the 4 subjects from the rahul sir , as I had taken 3 subjects bcoz he is very very hardworking teacher i have ever seen
    He is so energetic and wonderful teacher.
    Plz be think of rahul sir before taking classes, otherwise u will definitely regret 😃.

  8. Ojaswi Singhal

    Sir Your Delhi session for marathon was just amazing. Anyone would definitely love that, the way you teach is awesome sir. Their a reason why you are called TRG and everyone who want to get into ca intermediate should know about you.
    Your teaching style is unique as well as amazing and creating the greatest value addition to ca students. ❤️💖❤️

  9. Srishti Goyal

    CA Rahul Garg Sir is the best teacher for Advance Accounts and FM & Eco. His way of teaching is amazing.

  10. harshajain258

    Had an amazing experience with TRG and his support system Shikha ma’am.
    Nothing can beat sir’s enthusiasm and energy level.
    One can blindly trust Rahul sir for all the subjects that he teaches.
    He clears the tiniest and smallest concept where icai can play around.
    So anyone reading this please don’t think much and click on the purchase button and start falling in love with practical subjects with none other than TRG✨

  11. Suraj Kumar

    I attend the revision session of Rahul sir and it was amazing experience.
    First time I am interact with live session is fantastic.
    It was excellent teaching of Rahul sir in all subjects of thier.

  12. Gaurav Soni

    Hlo sir
    This is Gaurav soni from Gurugram, Haryana
    Your Delhi session for marathon was just amazing. Anyone would definitely love that, the way you teach is awesome sir. Their a reason why you are called TRG and everyone who want to get into ca intermediate should know about you.
    Your teaching style is unique as well as amazing and creating the greatest value addition to ca students. You are the best teacher of all practical subjects of ca intermediate .❤️

  13. Payal

    An amazing teacher who teaches conceptually with all the energy and enthusiasm. I recommend everyone to learn from him which will surely help to secure good marks. The most dedicative and hard working teacher I know. Thank youuu so much Sir!

  14. Piyush Patidar

    Best teachers …

  15. Vivek Yadav

    Thank you sir. Your lecture is upto date and full coverage of module.
    Easy understaning of lecture.

  16. Dhaval Kotak

    Let’s be on point.
    Seriously he is so amazing, Had a best learning experience with him. Be it Advance Accounts or FM Eco he was best.

  17. Eshika

    Your INDORE session for fm eco & adv was really helpful. Now I am confident in those subjects.

  18. Tejasvi Maskare

    It was really a great session, after 3 whole years, it was a treat to be in an offline session already and also, such an energetic one to start my offline lectures again!
    FM and Adv accounts-AS were both revised in a very timely manner, the concepts were cleared as the gist of chapter was covered plus, whenever needed the apt breaks were given so we were charged up for the other half …thus, the whole time management and studies were taken care of!
    Had intellectual fun!! 😉

  19. Muskan arya

    Sir,you are amazing teacher of fm and advance acc… I attended your marathon session in Indore… firstly I thought then it’s totally wasting of time…as I already completed both subjects revision…but while attending ur session I get to know about many new concept which I never know… thank you so much sir…felt great to interact with you… I always saw your YouTube videos…but apse live study krkr bahut accha laga…😄😄😄

  20. shaziakhtar8865

    I am your FM-ECO fastrack student.It was a pleasure to attend your Delhi marathon session. The way you taught was beyond imagination. It was a powerful session nd have learnt a lot from you. TRG all time best faculty I have seen with an immense knowledge and experience.

  21. Mukesh chand

    Sir Your Delhi session was just amazing. Anyone would definitely love that, the way you teach is awesome sir. Their a reason why you are called TRG and everyone who want to get into ca intermediate should know about you.
    Your teaching style is unique as well as amazing .
    TRG is great and superb.🎉🎉🎉🎉😊

  22. Priti Bhosale

    It was amazing session sir🥰🥰🥰Many of the samall concept in FM i was not aware about it but even in 1 day session sir has almost completed many of the important concept with ease . And the end i would also thanks to shikha mam and RSA team who was so supportive during the session.
    Thanks you so much all your efforts ❤️❤️😊 I would suggest everyone should take classes and they never disappoint you.
    At end thank you for taking session in Mumbai ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Manisha Thiruppathi Nadar

    I have attended your CA Intermediate Mumbai Session Group 2 Marathon
    It was a great experience
    Your teaching style was so good
    My concepts are now clear

    I have purchased your
    CA Intermediate Costing Fast Track Lectures for November 2020 and cleared CA Intermediate Group 1 after multiple attempts

    Now I have purchased your
    CA Intermediate Financial Management Fast Track Lectures for November 2022 with the same hope and confidence that I will clear in this attempt.

    I will edit my comments once the results are declared

    Thank you so much Rahul Sir for conducting Marathon session in Mumbai and also a big thanks to Sikha Mam for being a moral support to you

    The best marathon session I have attended.

  24. Rahul Shelar

    You will never regret trusting this man TRG, I have done all 4 subjects form Rahul sir, and happy with the results and also attended his live marathon at Mumbai, that was just an another level experience for me, thankyou sir & Mam.


    Saloni Somani from Mumbai
    Had an amazing experience with TRG and his support system Shikha ma’am.
    No one can beat sir’s enthusiasm and energy level.
    One can always look forward for TRG sessions you cannot go wrong with him‼️‼️

  26. Ibrahim Suba

    Best faculty for CA inter soo much more to learn from rahul sir apart from the subjects. The most dynamic , inspirational, hardworking faculty I’ve ever seen.
    The teaching style is out of the world I myself being a very average student have scored exemption in account as well as costing. Lectures are worth every second. Thank you sir !!

  27. Krupa

    Very clear, concise & has helped me revise all the concepts in such a short amount of time. Thankyou sir. It was a great session indeed😊

  28. Mridul Kasliwal

    Had an amazing revision session with Sir. The Online Courses/Fast track batches of Sir are amazing but Face to Face lecture with sir is an unparalleled experience which should not be missed by any student. Forget YouTube Students, even the one’s who never opened sir’s video untill now ( My Friends) enjoyed the session a lot.

  29. Manan Kajalia

    Simply amazing the session was.
    Thank you so much sir for making my concepts more clear and easier.

  30. Raghav Agarwal

    I attended the Delhi Session for Group 2 and it was totally amazing sir. For the first time I travelled to Delhi for your session from Bulandshahr(UP) and I got the value. You have covered almost all the concepts in the revision and It was good to see you in person also. You are working really hard for all the students and for that a big big big thanks to you sir. It was a memorable day for me sir. Love You sir, Jai Mada di🙏🙏🙏

  31. Kajal Singh

    Thank you so much sir🙏 for wonderful✨😍 session it’s not easy to stand 8 to 10 hours Continuously speaking from last 20 days hat’s off you sir👏🥳I’m very happy to see you sir from regular recorded lecture to face to face session in Mumbai. You are such inspiration for us sir🤗and it’s true sir after taking class from you there is no doubt for any concept of the subject as u told us beta doubt nahi ayenge😁Lucky to have a teacher like you sir💯💕I’m blessed🙏

  32. Hashmi Ejaz Ahmed

    Sir i attended your Mumbai session on 12th October it was wonderful session we revised the important concepts of all the chapters.

    And the session was also important for writing of paper point of view.

    Request you to please conduct these sessions all over india basis also give al-least 15 days prior notice for the session.

    The overall session was amazing

  33. Nirali Suba

    Sir I attended your Mumbai session on 13th October it was wonderful session we revised the important concepts of all the chapters.

    And the session was also important for writing of paper point of view.

    Thank-you so much sir
    The overall session was amazing

  34. Aditya Shaw

    It was a very good experience in taking classes of Rahul Garg sir, as such a good content in concept wise summarised in chapter make it feel completely understandable that how much types of Questions that you can asked for in examination. I love the dedication of Rahul sir towards students success..
    Hat’s off to you sir❤️
    Always gonna remember you

  35. Tanu Pitaliya

    Thank you so much sir🙏✨ for session it’s not easy to stand 8 to 10 hours Continuously speaking from last 20 days hat’s off you sir🙏🙏

  36. Kunal Agrawal

    No words to say ,if want to experience just watch demo lecture only ,Dil na Jeet le Banda toh kehna …

    Shuru Mae Mae market se alg dikhege but jaroor chamakta hua Tara bna krr nikalege.

    Baaki maaya jaal se alg ‘TRG’ is always at the first 🥇

  37. Bhavna jethwani

    No words to describe………sir’s fastract lectures are more than enough to understand each and every concepts which dont even known when taken regular classes from some where else…….and also with enough practice of sums and also one thing to say that indore session was wonderful and amazing…….and it was my dream to meet you face to face and take blessings from you…….which now fulfill due to indore session…..Thank you so much for all you have done for us…….

  38. Abhishek Bansal

    Sir you are a great teacher, lecturer, and a Professor to me, and I fully enjoyed your lectures, you explained everything in detail and it made it easier for me to understand.
    Thanks Sir ❤

  39. Suryadeep gupta

    I am speechless
    I have no words to discribe you and your efforts sir.
    Only you are great
    I love your teaching style is really owesome especially concept wise questions…

    Sir aap kitna mehnat karte ho student k liye
    Itna dedication sirf isliye ki students ko easy ho jaye kon karta hai sir
    Sir aap ka teg line –if you wants to be a lion, you must train with lion–ye ekdam sahi hai
    Thank you so much sir❤for all your efforts

    Plz don’t judge this teacher only by demo lecture.. He is much more
    Love you sir ❤

  40. Anshul Agrawal

    All Questions In Exam Are covered In Rahul sir’s Class Puzzle son u dont need to do anything else expect class puzzle and RPT of Attempt.
    MY experience Was Amazing, I loved the way Rahul sir’s Teaches And He Is the Best.
    And The Rahul sir’s Marathons Are best u don’t need any other notes aur to do module all questions are covered 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  41. Swati Salvi

    The advanced accounting lectures were amazing. The way rahul sir teaches each and every concepts is wonderful. It made me understand every topic in detail.
    Thank you so much sir.

  42. Yash Mundhra

    Experience was very good each topic was focused .Teaching style was unique and extraordinary because of sir I was feeling motivated .

  43. Chirag pursnani

    I am not worried for my advance account studies as compared to other subjects Because the way in which rahul garg sir teach is very productive which help me to understand all the concepts cleary AND the study material which i got is very effective as compared to ICAI modules…i can relate this because i studies ACCOUNTS From icai modules for my group 1.

  44. Vedangi Thakare

    Sir It’s very amazing experience to complete the classes of group 2 of yours…unfortunately I didn’t select you for group 1 costing but I saw your live session before exam day and referred ur imp questions pdf which u shared on telegram and I went for exam and I was able to attempt 100% of questions in the exam is all because of your guidence sir❤❤ you are truely a great teacher …thank you so much sir🤗😇 we are very greatful to having teacher and mentor like you❤

  45. Pratik Dash


  46. Sanjana dhakad

    Rahul sir is A best teacher for Account and Advance account.

  47. Raja Rajeshwari PR

    TRG sir made all the subject very easier. Sir gives home work everyday which is really helpful. His systematic notes are amazing.

  48. Sarthak Shinde

    Awesome teaching style no nonsense only studies with 100% concept clarity and perfect handwritten notes for revision. TRG op👌

  49. Abhishek Mahanto

    Hiiii Rahul Sir,

    Your had made the subject easy. I am enjoying very much. You are the best.

  50. Dhruvi

    Excellent teaching style
    100% concept clarity and perfact notes 😄

  51. Vanshika goyal

    It’s been a week studying with you sir and have to say the method of teaching is great enough even for any silly student to understand it . The after service which is the neglecting thing in many of the coaching but not in yours .
    I’m grateful for choosing you as my mentor . I’ll recommend you to my all friends . Thank you for teaching like that and making our career ☺️

  52. Sai Kishore

    I took adv accs from sir for may 2023. Sir has a great way of teaching, he divides the whole chapter into certain concepts and teaches every concept very clearly. The unique way of trg (which i personally found helpful) is he gives u questions to solve at home after every lecture regarding the concept taught in the lecture which boosts your confidence over the subject because you solve it on your own. I’m very happy for choosing trg sir and recommend fully.

  53. nishchay1603

    The teacher that everyone deserves
    The best thing about TRG is the homework classwork concept that’s really helpful atleast for me
    I was not too much discipline in my group1 classes
    But when I chose adv acc and fm eco from rsa
    The lectures add the discipline in my life and because of this i completed 70% lectures with ease and retaining the concepts
    Thank you TRG for all of these

  54. Sambhav Bangari

    I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. Amazing teacher . Proper analysis of questions and solving it with the best alternative method. Awesome lectures.


    Best value for ca students, multiple questions with respective revision via home puzzle and crystallization of concept into mind, one stop destination for everyone who look not only for passing marks but great marks and utmost value addition👍

  56. Manthan

    I first took cost from sir nd it was an amazing experience and the best one. For group 2 I am damn sure that the two subjects I am going to take are from Rahul sir
    advanced account and FM-eco
    best of best classes ever, great teaching method class puzzle and home puzzle that boosts our confidence toward exams.

    #TRG #RSA

  57. Abbishek yadav

    Sir you are the best teacher of advance accounts sir aapka teaching ka way bohot unique h or bohot sahi h you are the best 👍👍👍

  58. Deep luthra

    I love the teaching of Rahul sir . He cover each and every concept with logical interpretation i already took his class for cost then i decided for taking class for adv acc and fm- eco
    believe me ho is god of his subjects
    Also his last day revision marathon and notes also helpful to gain the confidence

  59. Lakhbir singh

    Best teacher for advance accounts , homework part is unique and most important , enjoying classes a lot , will share to others students as well.

  60. ruchitakamble92865

    because of you sir, i cleared my ca inter and got exemption in adv accounts, thank you so much sir!
    You are the Bestest teacher i have ever seen in my life ❤️

  61. Pratham Dingana

    I cleared CA Intermediate exam and got exemption in costing,Adv. ACC and FM ECO only because of Rahul sir. Sir is magician in these subjects. Uniqueness of Rahul sir is that in every lecture you will get homework which will help in getting a good result. Rahul sir had worked very hard so that students should not get any problem while studying.

  62. Krishna

    I Purchased your Regular Course of ADVANCE Accounts….
    And I got 79 in Advance Accounts

    And cleared my group 2 with 218 marks…
    It means a lot maximum Contribution of Advance in my Pass Result….
    Also in D21 Exams I Bought Your Accounts and Costing Fasttrack lectures…. And Secured 63 and 68 Marks in them….
    Thanks a lot sir… Because your teaching style really helped me to crack these marks


  63. Mohit Shrimal

    Thank you soo much sir jii because of your wonderful teaching I’m able to score 81 marks in advance accounts . Sir I don’t have words what an amazing person you are .. Your way of teaching is as amazing as you are .. Your Best part is that you break the whole chapters into multiple concepts which is very helpful for us . Your way of giving homework is very very helpful for the students I never ever skip any homework given by you . And one appreciation is pending which is for RSA staff they all are very helpful and kind .
    I highly recommend to students to take all the 4 subjects from Rahul sir .
    Lastly Thanks a lot Rahul sir … #TRG is the best .


    Rahul Sir Is the Best Faculty in All four Subjects that he offers. His teaching style is amazing, the way he taught clears all the concepts and the home puzzle concept helps me a lot Because in practical subjects it is very important to solve questions and it helps me a lot in the same, Glad to got a teacher like him. Rahul sir U are the best Love u sir .

    Agar Rahul Sir Hai Toh mumkim Hai

  65. sreekumargurram

    Really enjoyed to be a student of Rahul Garg sir,
    The way ye teaches makes student feel easy and the presentation of answers helps students score well I scored exemption in my first attempt I prefer students to take classes from Rahul Garg sir

  66. Aditi Rangarajan

    Hi, I’m Aditi from Pune. I got the classes for Nov 2022 and scored 79 in advance accounts. Would not have been possible without sir.
    His style of teaching changed my whole approach towards practical subjects. Explanation is crystal clear, there was hardly any scope for doubts from my side. He gives a lot of practice during and after class as homework. The best part is he seamlessly covers all module, MTP, RTP, and past papers questions with this classwork and homework. Having my own written notes and so many solved sums gave me a lot of confidence before and during exams as nothing seems too new after so much practice.
    The classes gave the right direction to my efforts because studying became very systematic. The efforts put in by RSA are remarkable, you will feel like you have the support of sir every step of the way, he makes sure he takes revision sessions on YouTube and things like that too.
    I would recommend it to anyone, and let you know that as long as you are willing to put in this effort and discipline, and make enough time for revision(eg,do the homework, maybe later redo some class sums for confidence, basically some self prep too which i feel i could have done more) as subject matter is vast; and it’ll be absolutely rewarding.
    Very grateful to sir and team!

  67. Devashish Menghani

    Sir’s teaching style is best. The way he teaches practical subject no one can. He covers full syllabus.

  68. Ayush Maratha

    Sir, mne aapki advance accounts ki regular classes li thi and i have scored 82 marks in advance accounts and cleared my 2nd group….due to your unmatchable style of studying… I’m able to score good marks …2 best cheez aapki classes ki sir 1st jo aap concept wise krwaate ho sb or sbke questions concept wise divided h and 2nd thing jo aap homework dete ho mne 1 single question bi miss ni kiya aapka kbi hamesa poori practice kri jse aapne bola . So any one can go for your lectures without any doubt. Thank you so much sir.

  69. Deepanshu

    Hii sir,
    Deepanshu this side. I have taken your regular classes for advance and fm eco both.
    Got to know about your teaching style through your most logical and famous marathon uploaded on youtube. That time I decided to take your classes for group 2 itself.

    Your method of teaching is so smooth and unmatchable . Your concepts and then question helps to understand the concept so deeply and easy to remember on revision too.
    Thank you for covering and providing every type of question even the latest one to the earliest to us.
    The classes give us the direction on how to start your journey on the subject .
    Thank you for providing your amazing marathon it also helps to revise the concept easily and in less time.
    #RSA is best in it’s field and doing great achievement in academics.
    Everyone out their just take his classes without any second thought you will get homework too and it is checked in next class itself.
    Concepts, doubt faculty and marathon with test series free for all. All you are getting in his course then go for it and achieve great heights in his course .

  70. Mansur Jamal

    One of the best lectures worldwide. These lectures purely focus on conceptual clarity which is the key factor of clearing the exam and scoring exemption.
    Truly TRG is the best ❤️

  71. nabahasan002

    Hello sir
    Ca inter journey had been made more easy with your lectures, amazing concept clarity. The vast number of questions covered gave me great confidence and achieve exemption.
    Thank you so much for your support

  72. Nishita Dasani

    The way Rahulsir teaches every concepts, his energy during every single minute in lecture, the way of teaching by dividing chapters into concepts, homeworks… All are beyond explanations.

    Rahulsir does so much hardwork to give bestest content to his students. Homework solution at the beginning of lecture with same priority as class work and with same enthusiasm is what I have seen so rarely.

    It’s a bestest mentor to have during this journey.

    Grateful and thankful to The Rahul Garg Sir and RSA team for best support.

  73. Shubham verma

    The teaching style of Rahul garg sir is fabulous. His lectures always focus on conceptual clarity. I think no one can teach in the way of which Rahul garg teaches.

  74. Harsh Jain

    Rahul Sir is the best teacher for all practical subjects . The amount of effort he puts in to give the best teaching to the students is very commendable. I can assure that if you took one subject from Rahul Sir , you will desire to take all other subjects also. Only teacher who is with you till the last day of exam.

  75. Vikram Jha

    hello sir my self vikram jha iam taking your adavance account classes. Or mujhe bohot hi achi lgii bohot confidence aaya hai etne question krvaaye hai aapne ki kuch nhi chutaa hai…thank you so much sir..jese mene account me 71 laaye hai no.vese hi advance account me laaunga or 80+…TRG 💯❤️

  76. jatinkumarmeher1999

    Advanced Accounting
    Just wanna say, don’t think about the PRICE
    It’s really worth it. Many of my friends moved back thinking that the price is high, but now they are regretting.
    Pay once and after watching 8-10 lectures
    U would surely feel that, I am definitely gonna get an exemption.

  77. Priyanka Adhikari

    The classes were absolutely awesome . Sir’s criteria of focusing on concept and then on ques is the best part.
    Thank you just because of you sir I’m a CA finalist now.

  78. Paramjeet singh bisht

    Hello sir paramjeet this side
    Because I got 70 marks in advance accounting in nov 22 attempt.
    Through your unique way of teaching I was able able to score good marks and able to clear ca intermediate examination.

    Concept wise teaching + more no. Of questions + Homework + marathon helped me a lot

  79. Vaibhav aggarwal

    Exceptional teaching by rahul sir. 🔥🔥
    Never learned this way… awesome content.
    I personally guarantee Concept clarity is 100%.
    Just go for it… i have scored 71 in advance accounts and exemptions in all other subjects provided by rahul sir because i had taken all 4 subjects from him.
    Wonderful experience ❤❤

  80. Khushi Jain

    Thank you very much sir for the amazing session which you conducted on 15th March 2023 in Delhi.
    I understood all the concepts and I could never imagine that I was possible to complete FM and advance account (AS) in a single day. But you killed it sir.🔥
    It was a thrilling session your way of teaching is just amazing.❤️🌏

    Lots and lots of love from Delhi.✨

  81. mohdaarif0575

    I am your Advance account fastrack student. It was a pleasure to attend your Delhi marathon session on 15th Aug. The way you taught was beyond imagination. It was a powerful session and have learnt a lot from you. Rahul sir is one of the best faculty I have seen with an immense knowledge of subject. Loved the session so much, now I have 100% confidence on subject.
    Thanks for the lecture sir🙏🙏

  82. Vaibhav

    The Best!
    Everything you might be searching for classes is here! Practice+strategy+guidance+motivation for this journey and many more!
    (Bss apni side se consistent rehna other than that you don’t have to worry you’ll be in safe hands 😉

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  • Hacking or Reverse Engineering of RSA Software is a big OFFENCE.
  • If any of above is found, we will COMPLETELY BLOCK the video classes and person doing unauthorized act (as mentioned above) shall be levied a penalty upto Rs. 50,00,000.
  • In case of system update/ crash/ format / any other reason requiring reactivation of lectures, there shall be a charge of Rs. 500. Also, if a new Activation Key is to be generated. it shall be charged at its cost. However, it is to be noted that if the reason of system crash or format seems suspicious to RSA Management, it may decide not to reactivate the lectures, for which its decision shall be final and binding.
  • Please note, if you order the lectures from any other source then we don’t commit the deadlines as mentioned on RSA Website w.r.t. dispatch of lectures etc. Also, sole responsibility in case of any fraud done by such other person with you, lies on you only.We recommend you purchasing the RSA products from RSA website only.

Counting of Views

Example (2 Views) : If a lecture is of 2 hrs (120 minutes), it can be viewed for 4 hrs (240 minutes). 

Example (1.7 Views) : If a lecture is of 2 hrs (120 minutes), it can be viewed for 3.40 hrs (204 minutes).

You may close the window in between the lecture, view shall not be counted.

System Requirements

  • OS Compatible with – Windows 8, 10, 11  (Those who have Windows 7 can get windows 7 upgraded to windows 8, 10, 11 – any laptop shop can easily help you with this).
  • OS NOT Compatible with – Any Windows 7
  • RAM 2 GB Free memory (Minimum)
  • Processor – Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above, Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above, Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above.

For Lectures Installation

  • You may be required to disable or uninstall the antivirus to play the lectures.
  • After activating the key, system cannot be changed due to any reason.
  • Lectures can’t be shifted to another laptop.
  • Laptop should not be formatted after activation of key. If formatted, it will be the decision of RSA Management whether to renew the lectures or not.

Key Points To Run Lectures in Mobile

We advise the students to watch the lectures in Laptop only however if any student doesn’t have laptop & wants to watch lectures in mobile, then they should keep in mind following points. Please call us for more info on this, before purchase, to play lectures on mobile.

1. Mobile must confirm with following specifications:

a. 3 GB RAM (Minimum)

b. 32 GB Internal Memory

c. Quad Core CPU

d. Android version 7.0 & above

e. Model of mobile should be of year 2020 & above

f. Lectures won’t run in Motorola, Vivo, Oppo device. Please call us for more info on this before purchase to play lectures on mobile.

2. While purchasing the lectures, Select ‘Google Drive’ option and place the order.

Extension Policy

  • REGULAR Lectures – If the validity of 6 months has expired but the student has not viewed the full lectures, the validity (not the views) can be extended by another 2 months on payment of Extension Charges of Rs. 1900 (per subject). Please note that Extension Period of 2 months shall start from the date of Expiry of Lectures.
  • FAST TRACK Lectures – If the validity of 3 months has expired but the student has not viewed the full lectures, the validity (not the views) can be extended by another 1 month on payment of Extension Charges of Rs. 1100 (per subject). Please note that Extension Period of 1 month shall start from the date of Expiry of Lectures.
  • To avail extension, you need to send an email mentioning your URN No. with a request for Extension to the RSA Official email id (the same email id from which you received your activation key).

Delivery Time 5 – 7 Days (approximately) as promised by courier facility. However, it may take longer in exceptional circumstances. Tracking Id shall be shared on your email id to track the order.  If the area is remote, parcel will be sent by speed post.

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